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  • BA; Dip Ed, (Mathematics, Psychology) Macquarie University


  • Zend Certified Engineer (PHP)
  • CIW JavaScript Certification
  • Adobe Certified Expert, DreamWeaver
  • CompTIA: A+; Network+; iNet+
  • Apple Service Certification
  • ICDL (International Computer Driving Licence)
  • Master MOS Trainer (Microsoft Office Specialist) 2000 & 2003
  • Microsoft Office Specialist: Microsoft Project 2002


  • Certificate IV in Assessment and Workplace Training
  • Certificate IV in IT (Client Support)
  • Certificate IV in Small Business Management

Work Experience

Current: Owner, Manngo Net Pty Ltd/ Comparity Training

  • Comparity Training offers application and technical training, as well as development in Web, Database and Software.
  • Much of this work is as a contractor to companies including:
  • City Desktop Training, Dynamic Web Training, Odyssey Training, Computer Graphics College, WorldSites, McMillan Bird, Pollak, SkillGate and Computer Gym.

1995 - 2000: Director of Studies (Computing)

Bridge Business College, Sydney.

  • Maintenance of Computer System & Network:
  • Development of software for specific purposes
  • Supervision, Training & Development of procedures for staff and students
  • Development & Oversight of Computer Curriculum
  • Teaching of students in specialised areas, such as programming & Web

1993 - 1994: Computer Coordinator

St Agnes High School, Rooty Hill

1992: Twilight Communications

  • Contract Programming
  • Consultancy & Training

1988 - 1991: Education Officer

Kurrawood Computers, Richmond

  • Advising schools on their computer hardware & software needs
  • Training staff, and giving presentations to staff and parents

While there, I was also responsible for helping business in the following areas:

  • Networking
  • Specialised hardware and software needs
  • Training and support

Before: Computer Education Consultant

Disadvantaged Schools Program

Working with teachers in developing policy; Training of staff and other adults associated with the program; Advise DSP committee on acquisition of hardware and software; Advise DSP committee on curriculum and policy matters; Provide a written Report to the DSP committee and schools on the progress of the Program; Work with state committees on the development and implementation of policy and training programs; Working with children on computer and music camps

Before: Mathematics Teacher

Windsor High School & Springwood

Teaching Mathematics and computing at all levels; Development and implementation of school computer curriculum and facilities; Working with regional committees on computer education; Working with Talented Students programs; Coaching the Debating Teams

Contracts & Other Development Include

  • Development of Booking System for the Australian Museum, Educational Division (Twilight Communications).
  • Development of Apple version of Technics control software for Lego
  • Development of Educational Game (Maths Invaders) on Macintosh. (Twilight Communications).

Other Major Interests & Hobbies


I have been involved in amateur theatre, including acting and directing, and was president of Glenbrook Players.


I have a keen interest in a variety of music. I play the guitar, and am studying the piano.


I maintain a strong interest in Science and Mathematics.

I also try to find time to read fiction, in particular classic crime stories. However, Terry Pratchett is definitely a favorite of mine.



Operating Systems & Platforms
Macintosh OS, Windows and Linux, as well as older systems.
Programming Languages
C & C++; Pascal; BASIC; SQL; Assembly Languages; Scripting languages specific to various packages (VBA etc)
Web Technologies
HTML; JavaScript; CSS; Perl; PHP; XML;
TCP/IP; AppleShare; Windows; Novel NetWare;


  • MS Office
  • Internet Software
  • Various Graphic & DTP software
  • Database Packages


  • High School Teaching
  • Adult Education
  • Individual and group training in software and concepts.

IT Subjects Taught

MS Office
Word, Excel, Access, Outlook PowerPoint, Project
DreamWeaver; FrontPage, Flash
(X)HTML; CSS; JavaScript; PHP; ASP.NET
Microsoft Courses



A major area of my responsibilities has been in presentations to groups, both to teach, and to inform.


I have had much to do with the education of school aged students, and with adults. The years of teaching and inservice training have helped me to form a style which communicates comfortably and effectively with others.

Problem Solving

I have also spent much time in working with groups and individuals in establishing and meeting their computer-related needs, and working through the implementation of their solutions. This often involved repeated meetings, research into the possible solutions, and learning on my part of how it all worked.


  • My ability to communicate well verbally and in the written word
  • Solid knowledge of computers which is broad and deep
  • Fast learner
  • Ability and experience in teaching
  • Management of people
  • Management of resources
  • Sense of Humour ...
  • An interest in the Arts as well as the Sciences


Available on request.